Netent Tames the Red Tiger

Netent has finalized plans to acquire Red Tiger, known for its exciting slots, in a deal that cost €245.3 million. This means that Red Tigers slots will now be taken over by Netent, and find a place at . But can Netent tame the tiger? Time will tell.

Netent's CEO is excited at the prospect of joining two highly competitive slot makers. He is looking forward to working with the top-notch employees from Red Tiger and hopes that together they can build a future. Visit to learn more about Netent games and the impact of Red Tiger's entry.

Highlights of the Netent-Red Tiger Deal

The deal saw Netent buy 100% of Red Tiger's shares at a cost of €197 million, a clear indication that it was taking over Red Tiger completely. Red Tiger's employees found a new home and were looking forward to greater things. The company can now expand its operations.

After the initial purchase consideration, Netent is expected to complete the remaining payment of €23 million by 2022 in an earn-out arrangement. The implication here is that Netent would be watching its performance keenly, and pay off the owners of Red Tiger as per the new earnings from the combined company.

Beating the Competition

Netent hopes to thrive in the highly competitive online casino market through its acquisition of Red Tiger. Netent has been facing stiff competition from other giant casino software developers, most notably Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. Taking over the Red Tiger outfit may increase its market share and drive profits.

Online casino players have become a little more adventurous, looking for something new yet exciting every day. This is especially the case for slot games. the acquisition of Red Tiger gives Netent more leeway to try more bonus features and explore new technology to attract and keep their players.


Will it Work?

As to whether the new outfit, Netent Red Tiger, will have any impact, time will tell. The assumption is that Red Tiger players will move with the acquisition and join Netent. However, you can expect some to look elsewhere for their casino gaming thinking Red Tiger is no longer in existence.

Netent has to embark on aggressive marketing to maintain its foothold in the treacherous online casino market even after acquiring Red Tiger. This is because other players, such as Microgaming, are likely to up their game in a bid to neutralize the rippling effect caused by Netent Red Tiger.

Netent Red Tiger Final Thoughts

Netent Red Tiger is definitely a great idea. It is one way of killing multiple birds with a single stone: competition and market. By acquiring Red Tiger, Netent not only increases its presence on the market but also kills one competitor. Hopefully, it is the right decision for the company.

The acquisition of Red Tiger by Netent most likely creates a new casino software giant to rival the likes of Microgaming, which has been in business longer than Netent. it also expands its market presence and hopes to draw more clients. But as to whether it will pull through, only time will tell.