The Slot's Basic Information That You Should Know

This is one of the most recently created slot games from Netent gaming company. Quest for Immortality is a 720 payline and 5 reel game that is powered by Netent. It is a game based on ancient Egypt stories, making it enjoyable and realistic. Quest for Immorality is a game full of many captivating features just like others from Netent. It has an outstanding reel structure with remarkable picture graphics giving you an unforgettable experience. Played on popular online casinos like netent-casinos , this is truly a fan's favorite. It has smooth game flow that any player can crack without prior knowledge.

Its captivating features and outstanding graphics makes Quest for Immortality a must have game for most online casinos. Well established online platforms like have made the game a basic gambler attraction. You can also play the game on several platforms, i.e you can download it and play in desktops, mobile phones, tablets and laptops. One of the reasons this slot game is common is the fact that it's compatible with many devices. Additionally, it doesn't have any crashing instances or downtown when paying it. Gamblers adore Quest for Immortality because of its simple gameplay. You don't need special training to start playing it.

The Gameplay of Quest for Immortality

This is a slot game that needs simple gameplay tactics, and gamblers with average gaming experience stand a good chance of winning. Perhaps, the reason behind that is the fact that it has a very simple gameplay. That shouldn't bait you into believing it's all beds and roses, they are some things you need to be very careful with. For instance, when placing your bets, you need to be careful with the numbers. In this slot game, there are variations in terms of coin denominations from 0.1 to 3. These variations can be adjusted via the +/- buttons on the edges. Setting up this slot game is very easy.

How to Use Buttons in the Game

Netent Quest for Immortality is one of the few games from Netent that has many buttons. As you might be aware, each button on the game has it's unique function and it is essential that you know each one of them. The most commonly used button is Max Bet, which is responsible for setting the highest stake in a single bet. As a player, use this button to allocate the amount of money you'd like to stake. The Spin Button on the rare end is another important button to note, it is used to get the bet running.


Important Symbols in Quest for Immortality

One of the reasons as to why Quest for Immortality is popular is the fact that so many game symbols are available. It has a good number of wild symbols like the popular Ankh, which set against a beautify pink background. This is a very dominant figure that substitutes for all others symbols in the game. Quest for Immortality does not have any scatter or special symbols, making it swift to play. There are special conditions needed for symbols to occur. This is because the appearance of game symbols boosts your chances of winning. It is very beneficial to use symbols.

The Levels Available in the Slot Game

There are different difficulty levels in Netent Quest for Immortality. The simplest and easiest level is amateur and the highest and hardest being Legendary. One thing you have been warned against is picking a level you are not well experienced to handle. You are free to select a difficulty level you are comfortable with and understand fully. Going for harder levels without the necessary basic experience will cost you your money. Additionally, each game level has its own pay out ratio and rates. The harder the level, the higher the pay out ratio. It needs a lot of experience to win such levels.